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Takeaways from playing Coriolis: The Great Dark

A warning before we start: This is not a review of the latest Kickstarter, but a collection of random play notes by an outsider. Things I think I'll want to keep in mind. If they are in any way useful to you, I'm glad, but if you're an experienced Coriolis player, the following may sound quite naive to you.

To me, Coriolis is the kind of glossy, streamlined commercial RPG I don't usually care for. I have never played its earlier incarnation, The Third Horizon, or any game using its Year Zero Engine. However, I like to occasionally try out games that are different from my usual DIY scenario-based storygame fare. I think there's something to be learned. So I'm glad I got a spot to play the quickstart scenario for Coriolis: The Great Dark called The Sky Machine – shoutout to our GM, Zeitiger.

With all that said, here are my takeaways:

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