Floriks Fantastereien

Takeaways from running Fast Fantasy

Fast Fantasy is a lightweight, but complete PbtA rules system in the tradition of World of Dungeons. I loved the way it arrived on the RPG scene. Without any announcement, it was simply released on Drivethru one day. No Kickstarter, no wait. No payment even! Just download, read, enjoy.

And it was (and is) a well-rounded product. A lot of thought has obviously gone into these 16 pages. I knew at once I had to run Fast Fantasy.

I did run it, three sessions of Ravenloft (1e) by Tracy and Laura Hickman and two sessions of A Simple Dungeon by Micah Anderson. What follows is not a review, but a list of things that went through my head during those sessions – things I will want to remember when, one day, I'll run FF again.

I'm glad I tried FF, or at least its basics. It has many extras we didn't use, like archetypes for longer-term play and even a mystery system in the vein of Carved from Brindlewood. There are so many RPGs around, but ... maybe I will be coming back to FF one day.

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